Harley the cat

Harley the cat

Back in September of 2019, my wife and I noticed a tortoiseshell cat in our yard. At first we thought it was the neighbors, but after a few days we realized it was feral, or at least abandoned. So we started leaving food out for her.

A few weeks later, she brought us a present.

I had just gotten home from a ride with some friends. My bike was parked in the back, but the doors were not shut. When the kitten came up the driveway, I realized we’d found our third cat. The ticking of the motor cooling drew the kitten into the back, I looked at my wife and said “If you close the doors, we have a new cat.”. She pretty much teleported.

An hour later he was in the house, in a kennel we had when we had a sick cat a while back. His introduction to the other 2 muskateers went amazingly well. They pretty much adopted him immediately. After the first night we realized his kitten energy could not be contained, so we put him in my office. For the next few weeks I broke out my sleeping bag and slept over night with him locked away from the others in quarantine. Eventually he was big enough for blood tests and was clear and good.

It is february and he’s grown from just under 2 pounds when we found him around 6 weeks old to around 7 pounds. His disposition is wonderful.

I tried and caught his mother with the intention of trap, spay, release. But the night before her vet appt she clawed her way out the screen and escaped. I plan on re-catching her this spring and getting her shots and fixed then. I’ve continued to leave out food for her, and the trail cams show she comes for breakfast around 8AM most days and a lunch snack around 2PM. I’ll feed her as long as she comes around.

I wish she’d come round, but she spent a month inĀ  my office while waiting for her spay surgery and was miserable. She’s not tame, she’s a wild animal. But it does me good to see her flourish in my yard. And she gave me a very sweet gift. Harley is friendly, gets along with his brothers and loves to play. If he has any memory of outside, it is merely that he is happy to be here, warm and full, with us.