The Led Sled

 With social isolation, and everything being shut down, I’ve had more time on my hands than usual.

Fortunately I can work remotely, and I’m not sick. So, in my free time I’ve been getting the bike dialed in.

Last year, in june, a woman ran a light and t-boned my old road glide. Fortunately, I was not hurt beyond bruises. There was a witness and everyone was insured.

I healed and I’m back on a road glide. What can I say, I have a type. With the weather getting warmer and travel plans suspended, I’m spending more time working on the bike than riding it.

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Southwest 2019 Trip

Last year in august, I rode down to new mexico to visit a friend for a day before I headed off deeper into the desert and south west.


I left Philadelphia PA, at 5am Aug 16 2019. The first night I setup a late camp after dark in meeman-shelby state park outside Memphis TN. I slept for a few hours and hit the road just before sun up. I was west of Fort Worth when I stopped for lunch Saturday. I got to my friends house in Artesia NM at around 11pm.


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Sturgis 2018

This trip found me riding solo while 2 friends trailed up three bikes.

I met a lot of cool people on the road, and saw an unreal amount of cool scenery. I really want to go back. The parks and scenery were amazing.


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