Long motorcycle rides make for great memories. Sleeping outdoors on the way is a bonus.

Here’s a quick gallery of out takes from the past few rides.

Just some quick favorites while I organize things..


The things I do for fun…


The Led Sled

 With social isolation, and everything being shut down, I’ve had more time on my hands than usual. Fortunately I can work remotely, and I’m not sick. So, in my free time I’ve been getting the bike dialed in. Last year, in june, a woman ran a light and t-boned my old road glide. Fortunately, I …

Sturgis 2018

This trip found me riding solo while 2 friends trailed up three bikes. I met a lot of cool people on the road, and saw an unreal amount of cool scenery. I really want to go back. The parks and scenery were amazing.  


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